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Proximity sensors are significantly helpful to detect an object without touching it to prevent damage and abrasion.

They are used in parking sensors, mobile devices, etc., which are essential in our everyday errands, so it is a non-negotiable to only purchase from the best.

Here are some reviews from manufacturers in Bangladesh to help you choose sensors that suit your liking. 

List of Proximity Sensor Manufacturers Bangladesh

Reliance High Tech Ltd

Address: Dhaka 1216 Bangladesh

Providing a broad spectrum of specialized engineering and management services internationally, Reliance High Tech Ltd is a group of engineers, engineering group managers, manufacturing test, and program managers with a successful, established track working with international companies and all types of electro-mechanical device suppliers. 

They offer proximity sensors from different sizes, models, and shapes, with a team of quality controllers to ensure that there is zero manufacturing defect.

They also pride themselves on having sensors that perform high-quality performance even in hazardous areas. 

Main Products: 

  • Inductive & capacitive proximity sensors 
  • Custom Proximity Sensors


Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Established in 2013, RoboticsBD is an e-commerce store that specializes in personal and professional robot technology. Like Reliance High Tech Ltd, they also provide various types of robotic products and services.

Moreover, they extend their help by educating aspiring individuals who want to venture into electronics by operating classes and online tutorials.

Some of their proximity sensors have a sensory distance of 5mm while others range to 10mm. 

Main Products: 

  • Omron Proximity Sensor Switch Omron E2E-X5ME1
  • Omron Proximity Sensor Switch E2E-X5MF2-Z
  • NJK-5002C Hall Effect Proximity Sensor

Micro Automation BD

Address: Sector – 7, Uttara, Dhaka

Micro Automation BD specializes in Industrial Automation and sells industrial Automation-related products, Industrial Electronics Equipment Repair, PLC Programming, PLC Training, Microcontroller Training, and Embedded System Product Design.

They also have a team of skilled engineers and technicians making their products and services to be of high – quality. 

They are versatile in that they not only collaborate with Aluminum, Data Centres, and Chemical industries, they also team up with Food and Beverage, Energy Efficiency, and Oil and Gas companies.

Thus they are known to be an all-in-one automation solution company. 

They sell both new and used/refurbished sensors, plus you can also avail of their repair services. 

Main Products: 

  • Fotek PL 05N Proximity Sensor
  • Fotek PL 05P Proximity Sensor
  • Omron E2E X18ME1 Proximity Sensor

Industrial Store

Address: Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh

Industrial Store is the first and largest automation product supplier in Bangladesh from 2017 until the present.

They have developed and adapted to today’s technology with the use of automation. They also offer various sales and services, including PLC, HMI, Inverter, and Servo drive.

One of their primary services is the Microcontroller product/project service, in that they build a home automation system out of a Microcontroller.

Unlike others, the prices of their proximity sensors are significantly lower, but the quality is overall excellent.

Main Products: 

  • Autonics Sensor Proximity Sensor- PR18-5DP
  • Omron Sensor Proximity Switch AC NO- E2E-X2Y1
  • Proximity Sensor(NPN)
  • Proximity Sensor(PNP)


Address: Dhaka-1229 Bangladesh

TecTesla is the top solution provider and supplier for Industrial Electrical Equipment such as Automation and Control for different industrial businesses.

They also provide modification, retrofitting, and field project solutions, and with far-reaching industrial automation and electrical merchandise for general industries. 

Not only that, but they also offer technical services from the design stage and put forth training programs to establish knowledge and expertise in their solution. 

Tectesla ensures that their proximity sensors are standard, reliable, and durable, suited for applications with non-contact detection requirements.  

Main Products: 

  • Proximity Sensors Omron Bangladesh BD Cylindrical (E2E E2A,…) 
  • Inductive Sensors NBB0,6-3M22-E2 Pepperl+Fuchs Bangladesh BD
  • Baumer Inductive proximity switch – Cylindrical Subminiature

Ahsan Automation Ltd

Address: Dhaka-1000,Bangladesh

Established in January 1991, Ahsan Automation Ltd. is a technical engineering company that specializes in industrial instrumentation and automation fields.

Their overall goal is to build comprehensive process control engineering and instrumentation supply and services to various industries. 

For 30 years, they have been reputable as a process control and automation solution provider. They are also the authorized distributor, local agent, and importer in different countries like Japan, Germany, USA, etc. 

Their proximity sensors use high-frequency oscillation and are also environment, heat, water, and chemical resistant.

Main Products: 

  • Cylindrical Proximity Sensor
  • Rectangular Proximity Sensor
  • Separate Amplifier Proximity Sensor
  • Capacitive Proximity Sensor

Sensor Shop Bangladesh

Address: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sensor Shop Bangladesh has built its reputation since 2015. Their primary goal is to provide every industry with intelligent, authentic, innovative, and automotive sensors that can be used anywhere.

They commit themselves to supply high-quality and brand value sensors and automation products in different parts of Bangladesh. 

They also value their customers to establish a meaningful and well-rounded relationship with them. Now, they continue to specialize in developing and commercializing automation technology. 

In terms of price, their proximity sensors are affordable that surely suit your budget.

Main Products:

  • Proximity Sensor (SN: 1MM, 2MM)
  • Inductive Proximity Sensor (SN: 10MM)


Address: Nawabpur, Dhaka-1100

Daeryuk Co., Ltd. has been known in the electric world since 1977. For 40 years, they were able to make it to the top of the low voltage protection industry.

Foreign customers also recognized their prominence because of their quality and technology. 

They focus on R&D investment, creativity, and customer satisfaction to continue their reputable company in the electric industry. 

They provide a wide range of proximity sensors that come in different shapes and sizes and have an internal noise-enhanced circuit that is not available in the sensors of others. 

Main Products: 

  • Round Type Proximity Sensor
  • Square Type Proximity Sensor
  • Flat Type Proximity Sensor
  • Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor


At this point, you may already know that choosing reliable, accurate, and easily detectable sensors is essential. These manufacturers have built their mark on the electrical and industrial industry with high-quality sensors.

Therefore, always remember to purchase the right type, price, usage, and quality these companies offer.