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Fiber Optic Amplifier

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What is the optical fiber amplifier?

Optical Fiber Amplifier (OFA) is a new type of all-optical amplifier used in the fiber optic communication lines to amplify the signal. Depending on its position and role in the fiber optic line, it is generally divided into relay amplification, pre-amplification and power amplification. Compared with traditional semiconductor laser amplifiers (SOA), optical fiber amplifier does not need to go through complex processes such as photoelectric conversion, electro-optical conversion and signal regeneration, and can directly amplify the signal to the full light, with good “transparency”, especially suitable for long-distance optical communication relay amplification. It can be said that Optical fiber amplifier has laid a technical foundation for the realization of all-optical communications


Automatic Setting:
a.Switch from the RUN position to the SET position, into the SET state;
b.Press and hold the SET key for about 3 seconds and then enter auto-judging mode. At this time, the light will flash from FAST TO 1 second once;
c.Continue to press and hold the SET key, let the measured object in front of the fiber, repeat 3 ~ 8 times;
d.After the measured object leaves the optical fiber detection area, release the SET key and SET the sensitivity to OK;
f.Finally, the switch is pushed back from the SET position to run into the locked state, we can also be based on the actual situation of F70ar fine-tuning.