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Safety Light Curtains

  1. Strict inspection process, each one must be inspected.
  2. Good after-sales service with 1 year shelf life, return and exchange service.
  3. Customized service for special requirements of the photoelectric sensor’s wiring board.

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Advantages of our products:

Dual independent OSSDs output

External relay contacts monitoring function (EDM)

Higher detection capability, up to 14mm, can protect the finger

Higher detection range, up to 6m

Infrared light communication and dedicated optical system

Overload protection and short-circuit protection for output

Good damping performance, suitable for the high-speed press with

different tonnage, with long service life

With strong resistance to light interference and electromagnetic

interference, the system work more stably

What is the light curtain sensor?

The light curtain sensor consists of two parts: a light thrower and a light receiver.

When an object enters the protection network, when the light from it is blocked by the object, through the internal control line, the light receiver circuit immediately reacts, that is, a signal is output in the output part for machine tools such as presses, presses and other emergency brakes.

The light curtain has a very wide range of applications, for example, in stamping equipment that requires constant feed and pick-up, if a contact safety door is installed, the operator needs to open and close the door frequently, which not only increases the operator’s workload, but also reduces production efficiency. In this case, the use of rasters and light curtains is the best option.

Any part of the body blocking the light while the operator is feeding or picking up the material will cause the machine to enter a safe state without causing injury to the operator.

Safety light curtains are also photoelectric safety protection devices (also known as safety protectors, punch protectors, infrared safety protection devices, etc.).

How does this light curtain sensor work?

A plurality of infrared transmitting tubes are equidistant arranged on one side of the light curtain, and the same number of infrared receiving tubes are correspondingly arranged on the other side.

Each infrared transmitting tube is corresponding to a corresponding infrared receiving tube, and mounted in a straight line of light curtain sensor.

When there is no obstacle between the infrared transmitting tube and the infrared receiving tube on the same line, the modulated signal from the infrared transmitting tube can reach the infrared receiving tube smoothly. When the infrared receiving Tube receives the modulated signal, the corresponding internal circuit outputs a low level.

However, when there is an obstacle, the light curtain sensor of the optical signal from the infrared transmitting tube can not reach the infrared receiving tube smoothly, at this time, the infrared receiving tube can not receive the modulation signal, and the corresponding internal circuit output is high level. When there is no object passing through the screen, all the modulated signals from the infrared transmitting tubes can reach the corresponding infrared receiving tubes on the other side smoothly, so that all the internal circuits output low-level. In this way, by analyzing the state of light curtain sensor’s internal circuit, the information of whether the object exists can be detected.