Zhejiang Hugong Automation Technology Co. , Ltd.

Was founded in the spring of 1986. At that time, there were only three people, but we were already working on inductive proximity switch, photoelectric switch. We also started our own brand, “OMCH”. After 3 years of development, we have become an excellent inductive proximity sensor supplier.

Inductive Proximity Switch Manufacturer

In 1990, we moved into our own factory building as the inductive proximity Switch manufacturer, where our sales values reached 30 million CNY and the number of workers is more than 150. Became a well-known trademark in China-“OMCH”.

Focus Values

As the inductive proximity switch manufacturer, we are constantly innovating and introducing many new products in recent years, such as capacitive proximity switch, photoelectric switch, light screen sensors, etc. But our main product, the inductive proximity switch, accounts for 60% of our annual sales. We aspire to be a solution specialist in the field of automation.

Our Factory

Quality, precision, innovative spirit: cornerstones of the impressive success story, from a small firm to a corporate group operating at the global level.

About Us

quality control

01. Raw material inspection

Each incoming material is inspected with instruments and recorded and filed.

02. In-process inspection

assembly line production, automated equipment.

03. Test inspection

each product is inspected, fully inspected.

04. packaging inspection

the packaging department will do the final inspection of the appearance and product.