Analog Proximity Sensor Manufacturer
  • Voltage output: 0-10VDC
  • Increased sensing distance


Analog Proximity Sensor

OMCH is a professional manufacturer of analog proximity sensors, which has always been among the best in many domestic suppliers. The analog proximity sensors we produce use special ICs, which have excellent anti-interference performance, long life, reliable performance, economy, and easy installation.We have strong production capabilities and a sufficient number of analog proximity sensors for sale, and we accept orders from most countries in the world.

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Analog proximity sensor is used for the displacement detection of the measured object, especially suitable for measurement and control systems.The analog proximity sensor has a new circuit design, which can effectively prevent the inductive switch from malfunctioning and has strong anti-interference ability.

It can realize the current or voltage signal proportional to the displacement between metals, and these signals are in a linear relationship-Long service life, high reliability, high repeatability, short circuit, reverse polarity protection.Can detect metals, such as: iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, etc. Non-contact, no wear, strong and durable, long life.

The working principle of the inductive analog proximity sensor is the same as that of the ordinary inductive sensor. When a metal target approaches the sensing surface of the sensor, the energy of the oscillator system is reduced, and the degree of energy reduction is the size mark of the distance between the target and the sensor. In an additional circuit, the energy loss is converted into a measurement signal, which is amplified after linearization.

Cylindrical (M18/M30), square and other appearance specifications are available. There are many types of switch output, divided into DC two-wire, DC three-wire, DC four-wire and AC two-wire, normally open and normally closed .

The connection methods are cable type and aviation socket type, which are divided into 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire cable type, 3-wire aviation socket and 4-wire aviation socket type. Wide range of working voltage, convenient for system design, can be widely used in machinery, chemical industry, papermaking, light industry and other industries for sensing purposes such as limit, positioning, detection, counting, speed measurement, etc.

The cylindrical wiring lead-out plug type analog proximity sensor has a long detection distance. The all-metal housing and sensor head made of stainless steel 303 are sturdy and durable, with strong abrasion and corrosion resistance, and can be used in various Environment, including food and beverage manufacturing, chemical and metal processing industries. The metal switch head provides high impact resistance and wear resistance, and the 360° ring-shaped action indicator allows users to quickly identify the action status from all angles.

The square Analog proximity sensor has excellent anti-interference performance, and has a variety of sizes suitable for various applications.

Our analog proximity sensor series, ideally suited for measuring linear, angular and rotational position, robust design can adapt to extreme temperature or high pressure washing environment, With millimeter-range detection accuracy and high-level remote sensing capabilities.