Long Distance Proximity Sensor Supplier
  • Sensing Distance: 8mm – 15mm
  • Response Frequency: DC:1kHz AC:50Hz

Long Distance Proximity Sensor

OMCH is a professional manufacturer of long distance proximity sensors, and has always been among the best in many domestic suppliers. Our long distance proximity sensor has a variety of specifications to choose from, and can detect magnetic objects within 8mm-15mm. We have a strong production capacity and a sufficient number of long distance proximity sensor sales, we accept orders from most countries in the world.

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The long distance proximity sensor is composed of a central processing unit and an external circuit. The central processing unit includes a single-chip computer. The external circuit includes a power supply, an analog-to-digital converter, a temperature sensor, a magnetic sensor and an interface. When the magnetic material approaches, the magnetic sensor measures the current magnetic flux, which is sent to the central processing unit after digital-to-analog conversion.

After temperature and geomagnetic compensation, it is compared with the reference magnetic flux, and the action threshold is exceeded, the sensor acts, and is output through the interface. The sensor has the advantages of high sensitivity, small size and long working distance.

The long-distance proximity sensor can be used to detect the stop, start, and pass positions of elevators and lifting equipment; detect the position of the vehicle to prevent two objects from colliding; detect the set position of the working machine, the limit position of the moving machine or component, and detect the rotating body The stop position of the valve, the opening or closing position of the valve, and the detection of the movement position of the piston in the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

The shell of our distance proximity sensor is made of nickel-plated brass, not easy to rust, durable, strong anti-interference ability, accurate sensing, adjustable distance, close to metal objects to generate signals, accurate detection, imported magnetic core, more magnetic field Stable, more sensitive sensing, adjustable detection distance, thickened pure copper wire, resistant to pulling and not easy to break, strong and durable, strong and durable.

The long distance proximity sensors we produce are available in M12, M18, and M30 specifications. The response frequency is DC: 1kHz, AC: 50Hz. It has a larger working distance than standard sensors. It has short-circuit and reverse polarity protection and LED functions. The indicator light can be reliably sensed at longer distances to reduce contact abuse on the sensor surface, thereby reducing damage and downtime.