Temperature Contollers Manufacturer in China
  • Widely be used in industries relating to temperature
  • Temperature controller types when divided by the main control output function
  • Temperature controller types when divided by input signal

Digital Temperature Controllers

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What is the temperature controllers?
The temperature controllers adopt a fully digital integrated design with programmable temperature curve or fixed-point thermostat control, multiple PID adjustment, degree output power limit curve programming, manual/automatic switching, soft start, alarm switch output, real-time data query, communication with computer, etc.

It combines digital temperature meter and ZK thyristor voltage regulator into one, integrating temperature measurement, regulation and driving in one.
How do these Temperature Controllers work?
The temperature controllers are automatically sampled and monitored by the temperature sensor. When the environment temperature is higher than the control setting value, the control circuit is started and the control return error can be set.

If the temperature is still rising, when it reaches the set temperature point, the alarm function will be activated. When the controlled temperature can not be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the destruction of the device can also be through the function of the trip to stop the device to continue operating.