Waterproof Proximity Sensor Manufacturer
  • DC type: NPN, PNP, 2-wire
  • Sensing Distance: 1.5mm – 15mm

Waterproof Proximity Sensor

OMCH is a professional manufacturer of Waterproof Proximity Sensor, which has always been among the best in many domestic suppliers. Our Waterproof Proximity Sensor has various specifications such as M8/M12/M18/M30, the DC type is NPN, PNP, 2-wire, and the sensing distance is 1.5mm-15mm. We have a strong production capacity and a sufficient number of Waterproof Proximity Sensor for sale, and we accept orders from most countries in the world.

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The working principle of the Waterproof Proximity Sensor is to detect the magnetic loss caused by the current generated on the surface of the conductor through the influence of the external magnetic field, generate an AC magnetic field in the detection coil, and change the impedance caused by the eddy current generated by the detected metal body. Another method for detection includes an aluminum detection sensor that detects frequency and phase components, and an all-metal sensor that detects only impedance change components through a working coil.

The Waterproof Proximity Sensor has a smooth threaded stainless steel cylindrical shell, with accurate reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection, LED status display, M8, M12, M18, M30 connector connection or terminal connection, PVC, PUR or silicon Cable outlet methods include 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire DC, AC, NAMUR output and AS-I bus output.

With the advent of new processes and new materials, especially the development of electronic technology, problems such as interference and parasitic electrical appliances have been continuously solved, so they are used in various measurements. Since the detection can be performed in a non-contact manner, it will not wear and damage the detection object. The non-contact output mode is adopted, so the service life is prolonged, and the semiconductor output has no effect on the service life of the contact.

The company’s special IC for waterproof sensors has a stable detection distance, a wide range of product specifications, and a folding-resistant wire. The detection surface is made of oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, and has excellent environmental resistance.

The special glue has strong penetrating power, and the tail is hollowed out, so that the glue can completely close the overall switch
The sensing surface and the shell are a whole, which can effectively prevent oil and water and other substances from penetrating from the sensing surface,with indicator light, it is sensitive, does not distinguish between seasons, suitable for outdoor use, can be used underwater, and has a certain pressure resistance.