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The Indian electronics industry has seen sweeping changes in the last twenty years. These changes include evolution in the regulatory landscape, the shift from traditional stores to large-format specialized ones, and changes in the product domains.

And since business and consumers’ requirements have also evolved, companies are finding ways to develop more innovative products.

This need for innovation is why these Indian companies focus on research and development as much as sales and marketing. Today’s article will look into top switching power supply manufacturers in India that contribute to the country’s import and export economy.

List of Switching Power Supply Manufacturers in India


Address: Maharashtra, India

Connectwell is a leading manufacturer of switching power supplies, professional tools, interface modules, PCB terminal blocks, and din rail.

They have an extensive sales network strengthened by their commendable infrastructure dedicated to manufacturing, tool design, sheet metal processing, compression molding, plastic injection molding, and product design. 

In terms of power supplies, the company only manufactures and sells ISO 9001:2015-compliant products.

Their processes in making these were also mapped in an SAP R/3 ERP system. This is why all their power supplies are approved and certified by CE, ATEX, VDE, CSA, and UL.

The company carries 5VDC to 48VDC standard single phase input, 12 VDC to 48 VDC two-phase input, and 12 VDC to 48 VDC three-phase input power supplies.

National Controlling Equipment Industries

Address: Ambala Haryana, India

National Controlling Equipment Industries is engaged in developing and manufacturing office automation and Telecom power products.

Specifically, they manufacture different kinds of power supplies for radio comms and AC/DC adapters for laptops, printers, and WLL phones.

The company is well-known for its quality products that helped them enjoy a leadership status in the radio comms industry. 

They carry different switch-mode power supplies like the PFC Series, standard series, multiple output, open frame type, open frame multi-type, din rail, and telecom.

Their PFC series are characterized by full-range, universal AC input, high reliability, high-efficiency switches, OLP/OPP/OVP/SCP output protections, -20℃~70℃ wide operating ambient temperature, 105℃ long-lasting electrolytic capacitors, and 100% burn-in test load.


Address: Pune - 411019, Maharashtra, India

SAI TECH CONTROLS has been serving the domestic and international markets by providing automation components and process control instruments.

They claim to be a team of highly certified electronic engineers with substantial experience in industrial power electronics, marketing, and research and development.

They’re currently serving such industries as bulk material equipment manufacturing, cement, steel, plastics, pharmaceuticals, forging, food, electronics, and automobile sectors. 

They manufacture, supply, and export power supplies with such features as high reliability yet cost-efficient, functional, and highly efficient even in high working temperature, lightweight, and compact size.

These power supplies exhibit a low ripple noise and have a built-in EMI filter. It also comes with protection against over-voltage, overload, and short circuits.

Delta Electronics

Address: MIDC Industrial Area

Delta Electronics was founded in 1971 in Taiwan, and it only started to operate in India in 2003. Since its operation in the country, it has become a leading entity in energy and power management.

It’s a 100% subsidiary of the Delta Electronics company in Thailand, but it sure penetrated the local market well. Currently, the company operates three business categories — infrastructure, automation, and power electronics. 

The company has team members with extensive experience working with PSU solutions for various workstation/desktop applications, and these range from 200W to 1,600W outputs.

These power supplies are efficient and meet platinum, gold, silver, and bronze standards of ECOS 80PLUS. These units also come with thermal management systems, fan speed controls and exhibit low acoustic performance.

FCW Technologies

Address: Gandhinagar - 382028 (Gujarat), India

FCW Technologies was established in 1991, and since its launch, it has continued to live by its mission of providing high-quality electro power solutions through FCW original power products.

The company now enjoys a sterling reputation being an expert manufacturer of different power controllers, DC/DC converters, adapters, and switch-mode power supplies.

They are now certified by BIS, CE, and ISO 9001:2000. 

The company has switch-mode power supplies for RO systems, industrial products, CCTVs, PoE, and elevators.

Their SMPS for RO systems come with 230V 50Hz AC and 140 VAC to 280 VAC operating volts. These power supplies also come in 24 VDC to 36 VDC voltage ranges and 1.5 Amp to 2.5 Amp current capacity.

These power supplies also come with protection against high voltage, short circuits, and overload. 

KB Electronics

Address: Mumbai – 400 025, India

KB Electronics has manufactured power conversion solutions for the past 30 years. They are certified by ISO 9001:2015. They are known for giving prime importance to delivering the best products and exceptional after-sales service.

They also use state-of-the-art SMPS tech with high power density for their DC/DC converters, battery chargers, and AC/DC power supplies. 

Their switch-mode power supplies are up to 60 W, come with din rail mounting, and exhibit high reliability, low redundancy, and low noise and ripple.

Their PS2402A5 SMPS model has 1-Ph, 230 V AC input, 47 Hz to 63 HZ frequency, 90 V to 270 V AC range, and 1.5A 230 V AC. The said series also comes with fuse protection, I/P MOVE, and a soft start.

General Industrial Controls Private Limited (GIC)

Address: Maharashtra, India

General Industrial Controls Private Limited (GIC) was established in 1972, and it manufactures instrumentation, automation, and process control products.

It was the very first company that launched timers and switches in India.

They started their business four decades ago, and now, they’re offering a wide array of internationally acclaimed products. They are currently certified by IATF 16949 and ISO 9001:2015.

The company sells RoHS-compliant power supplies with features like the following — excellent ling and load regulation, low ripple, high noise immunity, and high operation efficiency.

Aside from that, these power supplies are also ideal for temperatures up to 55-degrees Celsius. It has a compact design, DIN mounting, small form factor, and peak power capacity.

Micro Power

Address: Maharashtra 440016, India

Micro Power is a brand manufactured by Sanstar Microsystems. The company behind it designs, develops, and manufactures switch-mode power supplies for different applications.

The industries that enjoy these products include drinking water, renewable energy, power transmission and distribution, Telecom, electronic surveillance, and industrial automation. 

They sell 12 VDC switch-mode power supplies that are used for NVR, DVR, access control, and CCTV.

These power supplies are highly efficient and high-performing. They come in 12 DVC voltage and 03A to 20A current rates.

Aside from these power supplies, they also sell SMPS chargers and PTZ power supplies with 24 DVC voltage and 01A to 05A current rates.

Hirawat Electricals

Address: West Bengal 700001

Hirawat Electricals started as a trading company in 1987. They used to focus on trading fuses to the industrial and commercial marketplace.

As their customer base widened, they expanded their portfolio to include switchgear, contactors, relays, and other allied products. It was only in 2014 that the company set up its actor in West Bengal. 

The company carries switch-mode power supplies from 15 Watts to 1,000 Watts. Aside from that, they also sell the DIN rail power supply series.

These SMPS come with 230V 50Hz AC and 140 VAC to 280 VAC operating volts, 24 VDC to 36 VDC voltage ranges, and 1.5 Amp to 2.5 Amp current capacity.

These power supplies also come with protection against high voltage, short circuits, and overload. 

Sree Dhanam Automation Private Limited

Address: Chennai - 600053, Tamil Nadu, India

Sree Dhanam Automation Private Limited was launched in 2004 as Infinity Reflex. They started as a distributor and importer of different automation products.

They offer safety light curtains, electronic sensors, relays, and automatic controllers to their customers.

They are also an authorized distributor of international brands like Carlo Gavazzi, Fotek, and Meanwell. They serve the windmill, packaging, chemical, and automobile industries with their quality yet cost-effective products. 

They currently carry switch-mode power supply brands from Korea, Italy, and Taiwan. These power supplies are rain-proof.

They also carry enclosed MPS, RSP, RPS, SP, SE, RS, and LRS. Their din-rail power supply type includes the TDR, DRT, MDR, DRP, and EDR modes. Their products come with LED power supplies and drivers.


India-made power supplies and other electronic products are continuously growing in patronage because of their quality.

Most of these Indian companies invest in their in-house research and development and marketing efforts. This made them understand the market’s changing needs and equipped their teams to design and develop products that meet these needs.