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Global predictions and analysis show that the switching power supply market will continue to grow in sales and revenue and could be worth $27.4 billion by 2027. Japan continues to be one of the major players in the switching power supply market and will surely benefit from this upward trend.

Japan is widely known for its innovation and advancement in the electronics industry. They are well known for producing quality products that meet quality standards and comply with product certifications.

They are one of the biggest exporters in the world of electronic equipment. Below you will find some of the most trusted suppliers of switching power supplies in Japan.

List of Switching Power Suppliers in Japan


Address: Tokyo 163-1030 Japan

RECOM group is a known manufacturer of power supplies, power converters, and modular platforms for architecture.

Their main headquarters is in Austria but has key offices in different parts of the world, including Tokyo, Japan.

They have their line of AC/DC power supply, specifically the RAC150 series.

They take pride in having a comprehensive certification portfolio for all the products they produce, some of which include CE markings, UL/IEC/EN certifications, and RoHS2 compliance.

TDK Corporation

Address: Cho-ku, Tokyo 103-6128, Japan

TDK Corporation is an electronics component manufacturer with a focus on magnetic technology. Their corporate headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan, but they have regional offices in the U.S. and Germany.

They have their line of TDK AC/DC power supply called the TDK-Lambda. Included in their product line is a wide selection of enclosed, open-frame, and external power supplies.

They also carry PBC mounts, rack mounts, DIN rail, power peak capability, simple constant current control, and LED Drive.

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.

Address: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0022, Japan

Sanken Electric is a leading manufacturer and seller of semiconductor devices and various adapters and surge protectors. They offer a wide range of products for automotive, home appliances, factories, and green energy applications.

Sanken brand of power supplies is available in various output powers and types, including front-end, board, unit, and multi-slot.

Multiple companies use them for industrial applications because of their high efficiency, low noise, and wide temperature operating range.

Cosel Asia Ltd.

Address: Toyama 930-0816, Japan

Cosel Asia has been in the industry for more than 50 years and is a leading manufacturer of high-quality AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, and EMI filters. Switching power supplies is one of their major products.

It utilizes the high-speed switching effect of semiconductors. They are also compact and lightweight, making them ideal for use in many electronic and automation devices.

Their AC/DC power supply is available in enclosed, open frame, DIN rail, configurable, and PBC mount types. They also have medical power supplies, power modules, and options for value-added power supply.

They offer free samples for those who want to check and test the compatibility of their products.

NF Corporation

Address: Yokohama 223-8508, Japan

NF Corporation manufactures measurement instruments, function modules, power supply, power control products, and even customized components.

They have been in the business since 1959 and take pride in pioneering unique products with their high-precision negative feedback control technology.

Their product lineup of AC power sources includes their programmable AC power source DP series, programmable AC/DC ES series, and multifunction power sources.

These AC power sources are high-precision and high-quality, often used in environmental testing of electronic components.

Takasago Ltd.

Address: Toki, Gifu 509-5401

Takasago is into manufacturing, sales, research, and development of power supplies, control systems, and other electrical components.

Since 1950 they have established a solid client base and produced high-quality AC stabilized power supply and converters.

Takasago offers several lines of power supply equipment.

The AA/X2 series is for high-performance emulation evaluation of power supply environment, the AA/F series for linear amplified method frequency conversion, the TAR series with a stable output SCR control method, and the TAI series for stabilizing unstable commercial power supply.

Takada Works Co., Ltd.

Address: Tokyo, Japan 113-0021

Takada Works Co., Ltd. has a long history in the transfer switches business, having been around for more than 100 years and producing a complete lineup of all types of transfer switches models from high end to low end.

They design, manufacture, and sell various switches, power supplies, battery chargers, and DC contractors.

Their main products are switches—transfer switches, electronic transfer switches, hybrid, and DC contactors.

Takada transfer switches are used in many industries and infrastructures such as hotels, department stores, hospitals, schools, power plants, airports, railroads, and communication facilities.

Their products ensure safety by ensuring that systems are not interrupted by power failures.

Sansha Electric Mfg Co., Ltd.

Address: Higashi-Yodogawa, Osaka

Sansha Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd. is the parent company of SanRex, which has gained an international presence and is known as a supplier of highly engineered electronic solutions.

The company is a pioneer in manufacturing power semiconductors and power supply equipment.

They have a wide selection of lamp ballasts, electrical regulators, DC power supplies for metal finishing, ultrasonic cleaning systems, and DC power supplies for plasma heating.

They take pride in producing high-quality products that comply with ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Bellnix Co., Ltd.

Address: Saitama-ken, Japan 336-0024

Bellnix Co., Ltd. designs, develops, and manufactures industrial-grade DC power supply units, DC converters, and microcomputer application products. The company complies with ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements.

Their technology utilizes high-frequency radiation, high-speed switching, electricity and magnetism, low noise, AD/DA conversion, insulation, and ultra-compact mounting.

Their products include AC/DC switching power supplies, isolated type DC-DC converters, POL, contactless power transfer modules, and customized power supplies.

Bellnix has distributors worldwide across Asia, Europe, and North America and several online shops. You can contact any of their distributors for inquiries and purchases.

Nipron Co., Ltd.

Address: Hyogo, 660-0095, Japan

Nipron Co., Ltd. manufactures power supplies and provides solutions for factory automation, medical devices, money handling, transportation, servers, and telecommunication. 

They are ATX/SSI compliant, and most of their products supply power to computer motherboards.

But recent innovations have led them to develop DC/DC converters for electric automobiles, mobile robots, and large capacity power supplies for solar cells and fuel cells.

Their Nipron product lineup includes AC/DC power supplies, ATX power suppliers, medical power supplies, and other backup solutions and accessories.

You can buy their products through the distributors in North America, Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Israel.