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Although the UAE is known for its petroleum and petrochemical industry, the rapid economic growth caused by its oil reserves discovery prompted the development of other economic activities.

Over the years, there has been a boom in electrical and electronic companies in the country. In 2019, the UAE exported US$30.49 billion of electrical and electronic equipment.

This massive economic trade is clear evidence of the nation’s exceptional capabilities. If you’re searching for solid state relay manufacturers, consider checking out these top UAE companies.

List of Solid State Relay Manufacturers in UAE

Mitscholl Electronics Company LLC

Address: Dubai

Mitscholl Electronics Co. LLC is a global distributor of the latest, hard-to-find, and obsolete electrical and electronic components.

Their product portfolio ranges from fans to switching power supplies and power semiconductors. However, their main product is the solid state relay and various types of industrial sensors.

When it comes to their SSR or solid state relays, the company offers different brands, including Crydom, Crouzet, Finder, and many more.

Since they don’t list all the items within a product series, you’ll have to visit their website to see what’s available.

However, you can expect to find Panel Mount AC Output and Din Rail Mount AC Output solid state relays.

East Gate Bakery Equipment Factory

Address: Abu Dhabi, UAE

East Gate Bakery Equipment Factory manufactures bakery equipment, including Arabic bread ovens, Lebanese bread automatic line, bread cutting machine, sheeter machine, dough flattener, and more.

They produce equipment for bakers and bakeries in the UAE, the Gulf region, India, Yemen, Sudan, and Japan.

Aside from the fully-built machines, this UAE-based company also manufactures spare parts. These products include solid state relays and proximity sensors.

Unfortunately, their website doesn’t contain the specifications and features of their solid state relay. You will have to inquire if you’re interested in knowing its technicalities.  

World Bridge General Trading LLC

Address: Al Barsha 1 Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Established in Dubai, UAE, World Bridge General Trading LLC provides its diverse clients with cutting-edge technologies and high-quality services.

The company is an exclusive agent and distributor of all kinds of electronic and electrical components, including solid state relay and power switch.

Their products come from well-known international manufacturers like Finder Italy, FRER Italy, Loytec Austria, and STEGO Germany.

In terms of their solid state relays, they come in a modular and “honey puck” type, available in 5 to 30A and 25 to 50A, respectively.

Both types have a 230V AC or 400V AC output with a rated voltage range and switching voltage range of 19 to 305V AC or 48 to 480V AC.

Hassan Abbas Trading Co. LLC

Address: Deira, Dubai

Founded in 1997, Hassan Abbas Trading Co. LLC supplies all kinds of industrial products like power switches and solid state relays to businesses and organizations in the region.

The company is an authorized distributor for multi-national electrical and electronic manufacturers, including Auspicious, Moujen, Hugo Muller, Rayex, Revalco, TER, and Cosmtec.  

Hassan Abbas Trading Co. LLC offers clients plenty of options when it comes to solid state relays.

You can choose between a 25A SSR, 40A SSR, or 100A max load SSR. These products also feature an input control voltage of 4 to 32VDC and a load voltage range of 24 to 280VAC or 48 to 480VAC.

Control Electrical Accessories Co. LLC

Address: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Since 2004, Control Electrical Accessories Co.LLC has supplied electrical products and other components to various industries.

They strive to deliver high-quality products and services while doing so through socially and environmentally acceptable means.

This Abu Dhabi-based company has a wide selection of electronic parts and components, but its main products are contractors and solid state relays.

However, when you look at the product portfolio on their website, they only included the photos.

There are no specifications of the solid state relays or even the part number and name. If you’re interested in their products, it’s best to get in touch with the company to find out all the details of each item.

AL-ITQAN Factory Equipment Trading LLC

Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

AL-ITQAN Factory Equipment Trading LLC operates under the umbrella of ITQAN Group Companies located in Dubai, UAE.

This company is a distributor of machine shop equipment, industrial automation equipment, tools, spare parts for various industrial and construction equipment across the UAE.

They are an authorized channel partner of well-known brands like Datasensor, Hyundai, Alphair, IDEC, FINDEVA – Switzerland, INFRA, and ELETTROTEC.

However, their main product and services revolve around solid state relays and sensors.

For their SSR products, you can choose from their RSC and RSS series. Unfortunately, you will have to contact the company to see the details of each solid state relay since they didn’t provide it on their website.  

MJKA General Trading LLC

Address: Deira, Dubai

MJKA General Trading LLC started its roots in Dubai in 2013 and now expanded its operation in Lebanon, Malta, Turkey, and Tunisia.

This Dubai-based company specializes in exporting medical, mechanical, and electromechanical equipment and supplies.

They supply high-quality products, including switches, timers, DIN rails, electromechanical relays, solenoids, solid state relays, and many more.

Under the solid state relays and accessories category on their website, the company didn’t list any of the products they offer or their details. You will have to send them an inquiry to see the available items and the product description.

Qasr Al Sahra

Address: Dubai, UAE

Established in 2007, this Dubai-based general trading company deals with oil, gas, chemical, electrical, and mechanical solutions.

Qasr Al Sahra works with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to supply high-quality electrical components, transformers, circuit breakers, switch gears, and other electrical-related materials.

Like the other UAE-based companies listed above, their selection of solid state relay products is vast.

But if you’re looking for power solid state relays, they offer Weidmuller SSRs with a maximum load current of 20A.

These solid state relays have a zero-cross switching type with a 24 to 520VAC rated switching voltage. 


Address: Deira, Dubai, UAE

Qahraba is an ecommerce platform that allows online buyers to shop industrial automation and panel components in the UAE.

This website was launched by Hassan Abbas Trading Co. LLC back in 2020, which means you’ll find some similar products on their product portfolio.

Their list of SSRs is made up of products from ANLY Electronics, one of the leading manufacturers of traditional automation components in Taiwan.

These solid state relays can switch at 25A, 40A, and 100A load current. They have an input control voltage of 4 to 32VDC and a load voltage range of 48 to 280VAC.


Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

SAHARA is a Dubai and London-based air-conditioning and refrigeration company that engages in a wide range of HVAC/R sales and services.

As part of their business, they also sell heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration parts, including transformers and relays.

Under their relays category, they have various kinds of products, including thermal overload relay, AC relay, relay with timer, voltage monitoring relay, PCB relay, overload relay, 12-volt DC relay, and more.

Unfortunately, the company only posted photos of the product and not its description. It’s best to contact them directly if you’re interested in knowing the details.


The electronic and electrical industry in UAE may not be as well-known as other sectors in the country, but it’s surprisingly receiving recognition in different parts of the world.

Because of the cutting-edge technologies, world-class capabilities, and value-added services of these companies, the response of their target market is nothing but positive.

If you’re looking for a partner to supply your business with high-quality SSRs, you might want to consider these UAE manufacturers.