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Sri Lanka is one of the best places to buy proximity sensors because local stores may be small in size but never in market scope and operation.

Their local electrical and industrial supplies sellers partnered with international and domestic brands to offer an extensive product list. To know more about this company and all its offerings, check below.

List of Proximity Sensor Suppliers Sri Lanka


Address: No290, Galle Rd, Mount Lavinia

Microchip is a Sri Lankan tech start-up company specializing in selling software and hardware solutions, proximity sensors included. They are currently expanding their business to include everything you need when it comes to electronics and software.

Currently, they sell 24 AD module pressure sensors, 5 to 20-kg weight sensors, 18-mm piezoelectric sensors, liquid water level sensors, controller meter sensors, and similar products.

Unfortunately, their website lacks the technical description of these products. When you wish to order, it’s best to reach out to them through their website.

Address: Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka 70250

Smart Automation claims to be an industrial automation service leader in Sri Lanka, specializing in Scada, HMI, and PLC and Drives systems.

They also provide equipment designs and process development in the marine, manufacturing, electricity generation, packaging, and printing industries. 

They can cover your inductive proximity sensor needs with their supply of sensors belonging to the following series — LE17SF05, LE18SF, LE18SN, LR12XBF02, and LR18XBF05.

All of these are currently in stock, with an LKR 1150 price tag. All these products also come with a one-year warranty. 

Hitech Solutions

Address: Biyagama, Sri Lanka

Hitech Solutions is a research and engineering company that has been operating since 2004. The company has contributed to small, medium, and large-scale automation projects across local and international industries.

Furthermore, the company aims to be an industry leader, which is shown in their effort to bring experts to their team.

Currently, they have scientists, electronic engineers, and mechanical engineers to ensure the quality of their products and services. 

In terms of sensors, they carry inductive sensors, ring sensors, capacitive sensors, digital amp, and fiber lenses.

These items may not be itemized on their websites.

Still, they are parts of the company’s systems like Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), Regular Line Palletizers, Fabric inspection machines, Automated labeling and packaging machines, roller conveyors, and Computerized Fabric Relaxing Machines.

Duino.LK Electronics

Address: 1/108, Panwila 20830

Duino LK Electronics was established in 2015. Since then, it has been a reliable retail and online wholesale shop selling high-quality RC models, tech gadgets, tools, RC hobby accessories, electronics components, robotics accessories, Arduino, and learning kits. 

It sells different kinds of sensors like I2C Interface Compatible, Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) sensors, 3-80cm, 100mA obstacle avoidance proximity sensor, 4mm Output – Switching Transducer, 8mm inductive proximity switch, and more.

If you want to inquire further, you can drop them a message on their website.

Senith Electronics

Address: Borella, Colombo 08, Sri Lanka

There is very minimal information about Senith Electronics even on their website.

What can be seen is that they carry various industrial and electronic products like batteries and chargers, Arduino, Orange pi, Raspberry pi, modules, motors, robotics and project accessories, and sensors. 

As for sensors, the company sells different types but has only one proximity sensor in their current product catalog — 360 degrees x 120 degrees inductive proximity sensor.

This passive type of infrared sensor detects movement by counting the changes in the emitted infrared levels of the surrounding objects. 

Sunteks International

Address: Kohuwala, Sri Lanka

Sunteks International aims to reduce electricity costs in areas with daylighting and cooling systems.

They launched their Prismatic Sky lighting system in 2007, and this brought full-spectrum, UV-free daylight to different buildings. Because of this, they were able to lessen daylighting expenses by 90%.

They specialize in dust and fume extraction systems, controllers, sensors, one-touch fittings, solenoid valves, and more.

The company carries Autonics proximity sensors. Unfortunately, their website lacks a technical description of the specific sensors they sell. So, it’s best to inquire before you make a purchase.

Address: Moratuwa, Sri lanka works with the best and world-renowned industrial automation suppliers to serve as a link that will allow the former to market their products to the local and domestic markets.

Their technical sales team has extensive experience, that’s why they only source and market premium-quality products. Apart from that, they have the product knowledge and technical skills to assist customers. 

They partnered with multinational companies like Selbit, ProMotor. ZD, Oztek, Geya, Riko, MaxWell, and XCPC to bring first-class products to the domestic automation industry.

They sell 100mA, 12-24V proximity sensors, and other inductive proximity switches. 

JAARIS Automation

Address: Ambathelalla Road, Muruthagahamula

JAARIS Automation is a local industrial equipment supplier specializing in motor starters, servo drives, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), and industrial equipment repair and installation.

The company is also authorized by over 100 VFD suppliers. 

In terms of sensors, the company sells -50°c to 70°c digital thermometer-hygrometer sensor, 5 mm, 5V inductive proximity sensor, DC 6-36V, 300mA inductive proximity sensor, and  5 to 30cm, 6 to 36Vdc photoelectric proximity sensor. 


Address: Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

TRONIC is the sourcing arm of a software and electronics company called Skytronic (PVT) LTD. They are in the business of importing high-quality tools, modules, and components from Australia, Germany, England, Italy, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

They branded themselves as electronic enthusiasts that supply high-quality components and modules at a fairly reasonable price. 

They carry proximity sensors like the 0 to 20m beam type, 4mm 6 to 36 V inductive kind, 2mm 3 wire systems, and 2-wire, cylinder type 4 mm sensor. For more details, get in touch with their technical team.


Address: Mirigama-11200, Sri Lanka

MES Engineering (PVT) LTD has minimal information about its identity, even on its website. Instead, they made their website into a giant catalog of all the products they carry.

They currently offer various products like pieces of machinery for different industries, electronic tools and equipment, pneumatics, and mechanical and electrical items. 

They have 230 V 17MM AC, NPN 17MM DC, NPN DC6-36V, DC6-30V PNP inductive proximity sensors, IR sensor plastics, K-type probe sensors, 600P/R rotary encoder, and more. 


The companies that made it to this list are all industry leaders in their country and respective niches. The quality, price, and variety of the products they sell made all these companies stand out.

So, if you’re in Sri Lanka and you need a sensor supplier, never hesitate to contact these companies.