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In recent years, photoelectric sensors have become increasingly popular. Many industries use this technology in various industries such as automotive, food, and material management.

A variety of materials can be detected by photoelectric sensors. These sensors can detect objects as clear as liquids, glass, and plastic depending on the type of sensor.

Many American companies are involved in manufacturing photoelectric sensors where they utilize advanced technologies in developing high-quality materials.

But, where can you find the best photoelectric sensor suppliers in the USA? Check out the list below and choose the store that is most convenient for you.

List of Photoelectric Sensor Suppliers In The USA


Address: Itasca, IL 60143, USA

KEYENCE, a global leader in the design and manufacture of factory automation equipment. This includes measuring instruments, laser markers, vision systems, digital microscopes, and sensors.

The company offers a wide range of services to assist its customers. Fast shipping allows customers to optimize their processes as soon as possible.

The company offers All-Purpose Laser Sensors. The device comes in a metal case and features a one-button instruction.

This series is available with M12 connection cables, with a distance of up to 5 meters (16 feet).


Address: 8125 Holton Dr. Florence, KY 41042

Balluff is a company with a range of high-quality sensor and network systems. The company celebrates innovation by being the developer trailblazers while keeping sustainability.

The company offers unique solutions to help clients achieve a competitive advantage. This company strives to meet the highest quality standards to ensure the best.

Balluff offers a wide range of photoelectric sensor housings. This includes tubular styles ranging from 8mm to 30mm, and large, medium, and small block forms.

Non-contact detection of parts over long distances is possible with these devices. Other sensing modes can also be achieved.

Valin Corporation

Address: 5225 Hellyer Ave. Suite 250, San Jose, CA 95138

Valin Corporation is a leading distributor of high purity and industrial automation. Its workplaces are open, adaptable, and creative, allowing it to meet all the needs of its clients.

The company provides individualized order management using automation, fluid management, and precision measurement.

It also represents leading manufacturers of technology, health sciences, energy, and transportation.

This company offers a variety of photoelectric sensors, including Omron Photoelectric Retro-reflective Sensor and a lot more! Each product has its own specifications.


Address: Twinsburg, OH 44087, United States of America

Pepperl+Fuchs is one of the largest markets of photoelectronic sensors in the world. This company is one of the leading companies in the field of factory and process automation.

The firm has set the bar for quality and innovation for almost 70 years.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers photoelectric, capacitive, ultrasonic, and inductive sensors in addition to rotary encoders, AS-Interface, and zone scanners.

Application in material printing, handling, and packaging differs for every industry and market.

The company’s photoelectric sensors include Fiber Optic Sensors, Retroreflective Sensors, and much more. Each of these types is characterized by different specifications.

Rockwell Automation

Address: CA 90013, United States

Rockwell Automation is a company focused on automation and IT. It combines people’s imaginations with technology’s possibilities to increase what is possible.

The company offers products and services that reflect its quality and innovation. The company aims to improve its unique technology and provide integrated, value-added solutions.

Products in this company include an array of Specialty Series Photoelectric Sensors.

This product uses a variety of sensing technologies to address some of your problems. They also offer products such as photoelectric label sensors and hazardous location sensors.


Address: 1175 Elko Drive Sunnyvale

IDEC Corporation is a global company.

This company is also known for its dependable Automation and Control Solutions, which include industrial switches, pilot devices, industrial relays, sockets, power supplies, contactors, timers, and more.

This company offers a variety of services. This includes assisting customers in choosing programmable logic controllers and more.

The company has Universal Photoelectric Sensors (3 series), which pertain to detecting objects for control systems.

Reliable object detection and repeatability result in fewer false alarms and fewer rejections. They also offer products such as SA1E Miniature and SA1E Miniature Laser.


Address: Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA

The Bulgin Group provides connectivity consulting services. It aims to develop new products and services that meet the needs of some global customers in a range of markets.

To meet the industry’s needs, the company aspires to be a far-reaching provider of engineered solutions. Bulgin’s competence has also expanded in components, particularly electromechanical switches.

The company offers a Sensor Range.

This is a stable sensor that offers a high degree of mechanical and electrical stability. These products are for industrial automation and manufacturing automation.


Address: Suite F, San Jose, CA 95131

Takex is a well-known manufacturer of security sensors in the US. It is a prominent manufacturer of industrial sensors for a global industry.

The company offers active infrared beam products for perimeter security and outdoor PIR for CCTV activation and intruder detection.

This company supplies not only the royal government but also military entities.

The company features two types of photoelectric sensors. The Laser/Harsh Environment Sensors and Embedded Amplifier Photo Sensors with different specifications.

CIMTEC Automation

Address: 3030 Whitehall Park Drive

CIMTEC Automation is a market leader in customized industrial automation solutions. This company has become one of the most trusted producers of automation equipment.

The company offers Intelligent Sensors Products, 3D Inspection Systems, Robotics,  Programmable Controllers.

It has an extensive inventory of automation parts for robotics and vision/sensors.

The company offers photoelectric sensors manufactured by SICK. These sensors combine cutting-edge technology with precision optics.

Their small size makes them ideal for material handling, packaging, and other uses.

Marshall Wolf Automation, Inc.

Address: 923 South Main Street, Algonquin, Il 60102

Marshall Wolf Automation is industrial automation that specializes in exceptional customer service.

The company’s main line of business is the wholesale distribution of electronic parts.

The company, considered the industry of merchant wholesalers of household appliances, provides electrical and electronic goods, wholesale trade, and more.

The company offers different types of photoelectric sensors. This includes Fiber Optic Sensor, Amplifier, Light On/Dark On, NPN/PNP, and a lot more!


Providing high-quality products at reasonable pricing is a good supplier’s quality. They should be able to supply sensors for a wide range of industries and applications. Also, suppliers must meet their customers’ expectations about their desired product.

Although many US providers claim to meet these standards, this is not always the case.  A wide range of industries uses photoelectric sensors. Take the time to look at all these US suppliers available for you to choose from.