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Chennai is a city in the southern region of India, and it’s home to a vibrant manufacturing industry. If you’re looking for top-quality MCB manufacturers, you’ll need to look no further than the southern city.

The MCB manufacturing industry in Chennai has a long history of excellence, having emerged as one of the leading hubs for this business in India. In fact, the city has had businesses operating for more than 30 years already.

So, when it comes to MCB Manufacturers in Chennai, there are a lot of options that you can choose from. But what are the best?

List Of MCB Manufacturers In Chennai

JJ Enterprises

Address: Chennai - 600099, Tamil Nadu, India

JJ Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of miniature circuit breakers in Chennai. These items are sold to customers at reasonable costs after being sourced from well-known producers in the sector.

Manufacturing MCBs is one of the company’s specialties. Because of their expertise and standards for providing excellent customer service accompanied by state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled staff, they have become one of Chennai’s largest and most trusted producers today.

One of their products is the L&T Miniature Circuit Breakers. Designed especially for use in industrial applications, this miniature circuit breaker from L&T is made from durable ABS and PVC. It offers high performance and great stability in extreme operating conditions. This MCB is also available in various voltage options as well as enclosure options.

Sushil Electricals

Address: George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sushil Electricals develops miniature circuit breakers with dependability and superior quality. Their products protect your home from any excess, short circuit, or overcurrent accidents.

Electrical MCBs from Sushil are available in various configurations, including single-phase, modular, three-phase, and more.

They also offer a Single Pole MCB under the Crabtree brand. This device is also inexpensive and is available in type C categorization.

Devansh Enterprises

Address: George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Devansh Enterprises is a reputable producer and seller of electrical products in Chennai.

It is significant to mention that Devansh Enterprises contributed to the development of durable and dependable miniature circuit breakers. Their clients have proven that their products are of the finest quality!

Devansh’s MCB series are manufactured by leading brands — Legrand, Hager Siemens, and LT. It comes in various current ratings, voltages, and number of poles.


Address: Chennai -600001 Tamil Nadu

Since 1965, Matbull has offered various MCBs and has a strong name in the industry. Their products are made using reputable components and high-quality raw materials and then thoroughly examined by trained experts.

MCBs from Matbull come in various categories. This covers MCB switches with three poles, dc MCBs, and mini MCB switches.

Matbull also supplies MCBs from various brands including Hager, Legrand, LT, Standard, and Bosmark.

Divya Electricals

Address: George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Divya Electricals has made a significant contribution to the creation of reliable MCBs for more than 30 years. They produce MCBs of exceptional quality that meets all industry standards for effective output and a variety of commercial applications.

In addition to providing protection against prolonged overloading and short-circuit faults, MCBs are also designed to be simple to operate. Because of this, Divya makes it easy for you to order what you need.

They provide L&T ELCB – MCB, a device that may be used in several situations and is available for piece-by-piece purchasing. It has 2 poles, has a frequency of 50Hz, and sensitivity of 30mA. There isn’t a lot of available information about this product online, so we suggest sending them an inquiry.

Anand Electric Agency

Address: Govindappa Naicken Street Chennai-600001

Anand Electric Agency manufactures and exports a range of electrical equipment of the highest quality. With over ten years of experience, they are recognized as a leader in miniature circuit breaker manufacturing.

Anand MCBs come in various brands, so you can pick the one you like best. Just like other companies, they distribute MCBS from brands like Legrand and Standard. They also have products of famous brands like ABB, Havells, and INDOASIAN.

Mahendra Electricals And Electronics

Address: Sowcarpet, Chennai-600001

Mahendra Electricals And Electronics has been selling miniature circuit breakers exclusively since 1999.

They manufacture MCB in varying sizes. They have small, low-current MCBs that are designed to protect individual household appliances and large switchgear meant to feed entire cities.

They also distribute MCBs from various brands like Legrand, Orbit, Standard, Anchor, and Selvo.


In order to build a solid reputation on the global market, these MCB manufacturers in Chennai always produce their products per international standards.

So, whenever you need a reputable MCB manufacturer in Chennai, take a look at this list and choose one when you are ready!