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While it’s easy to search for indicator lights on the internet, it can be challenging to find ones that meet your expectations—especially in China.

The current market of indicator lights in China has changed rapidly. More and more big companies are entering the market. And now, there are many options to compare.

This can make choosing a certain indicator light manufacturer from a list of options very difficult. That’s why we have put together this list of top indicator light manufacturers in China that you can trust.

List Of Indicator Light Manufacturers in China


Address: Zhejiang Province, China

Yueqing Dahe Electric Co., LTD, founded in 2003, is a pioneer in push button design, sales, production, and service.

They have a few indicator lights on their products list. The Signal Lamp Metal Led is one of them.

This item is offered as a metal signal lamp ideal for yachts and other vessels in addition to cars. This device has a mounting hole measuring 6mm and an LED value of 6V, 12V, 24V, or 220V. Besides its high precision and long-term stability, this device has a long service life. It has an IP rating of IP67, which means it can stand against damage from dust and water.

Zhejiang Ninuo Electric Co., Ltd.

Address: Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang Ninuo Electric Co., Ltd has dominated China’s indicator light manufacturing market since 2014. Along with their lights, they are also known for their digital panel meters, float switches, and switch buttons.

As part of their commitment to quality and durability, they put their products through rigorous testing and endurance tests. Because of this, numerous highly well-known clients rely on their reliable products and services.

One of their products includes the LED indicator light lamp. This device is encased in a PC casing that is durable and long-lasting. This lamp is offered in various colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and white.

LANBOO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Address: YueQing City,ZheJiang province,China

In 2010, LANBOO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established. They have gained a reputation as China’s largest producer of metal push button switches since that time.

This business, which focuses on manufacturing and design, is also known as Zheng CHINT Group, the biggest electrical manufacturer in China.

They create Indicator Warning Light with a silica gel sealing ring and an 8-mm metal indicating lamp with excellent brightness and strong temperature resistance.

There are numerous options for high-quality, highly stable indicator lights. Additionally, these devices offer a wide array of applications and are made to be cost-effective.


Address: Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China

Filn manufactures button switches, guitar switches, control system switches, and more. The corporation has created three factories and one trade company throughout the course of its more than 20-year history.

With a focus on wire metal buttons, they are one of the world’s top manufacturers of indicator lamps and are considered the most comprehensive manufacturer.

They design their products with precision to offer the highest accuracy and uniformity. One of them is the Flat Head IP67 Mini Blue LED Indicator Light. This device has a silica gel rubbing ring, a metal film resistor, and a PA66 nylon container.


Address: Liushi, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China

In 1997, Xindali was established. Their primary product offerings include cable glands, pushbuttons, rotary switches, indicators, and other low-voltage electrical items.

After more than 20 years of constant development and innovation, they have established themselves as China’s leading and most prestigious producer of production equipment.

They offer a variety of items, including LED signal indicators, elevator indicators, and lamps with digital voltage. Additionally, these devices are exported to many regions of the globe, like Sweden, Italy, France, and Norway.

One of their products is the LED photo indication light marked with the mark symbol. This device is clear, brilliant, wear-resistant, intuitive, and has a high light transmission rate.


Address: Songjiang District, Shanghai, China

By collaborating across several business models, including OEM and ODM, LED INDICATOR provides high-quality products manufactured in China to ensure the best value for customers.

This is particularly true for metal indicator lights because they provide both bulb and LED indicators, making their high-quality product the industry standard for accuracy.

The 8mm 110v metal blue Meat Grinder Lamp LED Indicator is one of these varieties. It is offered for various applications and has a convex head product design.

Shanghai Hongbo electric co., ltd

Address: Liushi Town, Wenzhou, China

Shanghai Hongbo Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002 and offered effective and trustworthy products and solutions for automation and green energy equipment.

The company’s main products include metal buttons, push-button switches, touch-switches, and piezoelectric switches. Additionally, they have always emphasized the importance of developing and researching cutting-edge, sustainable technologies.

Their IP67 metal light indicator has a metal head material in flat and domed head varieties.


Address: Zhejiang Province China

YUEQING CITY OUKE ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. was introduced in 2005. From a tiny business, they’ve expanded into a sizable firm that includes electronics component R&D, production, and distribution.

Due to their manufacturing, they provide a wide range of items such as Automotive Electrical Wiring, LED switches,  Ribbon cables, DC Blower fans, and more. In addition to offering consistently high-quality, consistent products, they distribute their products throughout the world, including the USA, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and India.

A LED indication powered by 240 volts is one of their indicator lights. This product includes a digital LED voltage meter of good quality with a year’s guarantee built in China and received CE approval.

Yueqing Nqqk Electric Factory

Address: Liushi, Yueqing City, Zhejiang, China

Yueqing Nqqk Electric Factory has been a supplier of electrical products in China since 2010. They made a name for themselves as a top-notch production line with cutting-edge testing equipment, including an assembly line, inspection line, high-temperature area, and high-temperature aging room.

They provide various products and services, including voltage regulators, digital meters, voltage stabilizers, and more.

The XB5-AW34M5 LED 220V White XB5-AW31M1 Type is one of their options for indicator lights and push buttons. This product comes in various colors and works well for many applications.



YUEQING YUMO ELECTRIC CO., LTD was founded in 2007 and focused on offering industrial automation control equipment. Additionally, this corporation has merged research and development, manufacturing, and sales to become one of the world’s leading scientific and technology enterprises.

This company provides a variety of items, such as switches, rotary encoders, sensors, and more. The company is also now offering bulk pricing on its Indicator Light products.

One of their products includes the AD22E-S06 24V LED GREEN Indicator light. This device is offered in the AD22E-S06 variant, which is appropriate for use with mechanical equipment.


Selecting the best company for your needs can take time because China is home to many high-quality manufacturers. Hopefully, this list has helped you decide on which company to trust for your indicator light needs.