The object of detection is not limited to conductors, but can also detect insulating substances such as liquids or powders

Measurement of ultra-high temperatures and low differential pressures, as well as measurements with magnetic work

High system operating frequency, good dynamic responseNon-contact measurement with high sensitivity

Products with adjustable knob, according to the needs of the detection distance can be adjusted

With polarity protection, short circuit protection, can be directly connected to PLC

Type and Specification
Installation typeUnshielded
All the
Detection range5mm±10%
Setting distance0-4mm
Delay distance≤10% detection range
Detection objectAny dielectric substance
Standard detection objectSPCC iron 50*50*1mm
Response frequencyDC: 0.5kHz, AC: 25Hz
Supply voltageDC type: DC 12-24V (6-36V), impulse (p-p) 10% below;
AC type: AC 110-220V (90-250V) 50/60Hz
Withstand voltageAC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between charging part and housing
Voltage influenceInside ±15% rated supply voltage range, at rated supply voltage value,
inside ±10% detection distance
Consumption currentN/P type: ≤13mA, D type: ≤0.8mA, A type: ≤1.7mA
Control outputN/P type: ≤200mA, D type: ≤200mA, A type: ≤200mA
Loop protectionN/P/D type: reversal connection protection, surge absorption,
load short-circuit protection, A type: surge absorption
Ambient temperature & humidityOperation temperature/storage temperature: -30~65℃ (no freeze,
no dew); Operation humidity/storage humidity: 35~95%RH
Temperature influenceTemperature range -30~65℃, at +23℃, ±15% detection distance;
Temperature range -25~60℃, at +23℃, ±10% detection distance
Insulation impedance≥50MΩ (DC500 megameter) between charging part and housing
MaterialHousing: Nickel plated brass, Detection surface: ABS
Protection classIP67
Cable length2m