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Every year, Singapore trains around 13,000 technicians and engineers to help ensure that the country’s electronics industry gets a steady stream of talents.

Singapore-based companies even partnered with different platforms like NVIDIA, Industry Postgraduate Programme (IPP), and Singapore Industry Scholarships (SgIS) to groom future AI talents, IC engineers, and foundry generations. This is to groom future industry talents. 

With such investment and foresight into their industries, it’s no wonder why electronics products from the country are of premium quality. Consider these top manufacturing companies if you plan to source your next solid state relay purchase from Singapore.

List of Solid State Relay Manufacturers in Singapore

Electroheat Singapore Pte Ltd

Address: 16 Kallang Place #04-10, Singapore

Electroheat Singapore Pte Ltd serves various industries with their unique heating needs, control solutions, and sensors.

What sets them apart from their competitors is that they allow their customers to customize their heating applications.

They utilize their extensive resources and profound engineering experience to develop a thoroughly engineered product befitting the customer’s specifications. 

The company carries three types of solid state relay products categorized into different series and product lines — Celduc SO Series, Celduc solid state relays, and 3P solid state relay.

Since the company did not discuss these products specifically on their website, it’s best to contact them before your purchase.

Alliance Automation Pte Ltd

Address: Block 3024 #01-95, Ubi Road 3, Singapore

Alliance Automation Pte Ltd partnered with the big names in the electronics and industrial automation industries to supply the local and international market with automation and control, warning, and thermal management systems.

They partnered with some of the big names in their industry, including Carlo Gavazzi, EOCR, Koino, Autonics, and LS Industrial Systems.

As for the solid state relays in their inventory, the company carries Carlo Gavazzi products. One of these products is RM1E; a single-phase analog switching type.

This particular relay is meant for slightly inductive and resistive load applications.

It comes with a 25 to 100 AACrms rated operational current and 600 VACrms maximum rated operational voltage.

RS Components Pte Ltd

Address: Robinson Road, PO Box 1582, Singapore

RS Components Pte Ltd has been in the electronics and automation industry for over 75 years. Within this period, they have serviced over a million customers all around the world.

They operate in 32 countries and satellite operations in these countries, delivering over 40,000 parcels daily. They partnered with 2,500 global brands to give their customers what they need. 

The company has an extensive product line indeed when it comes to solid state relays.

They have the following solid state relay types — PCB mounts, DIN rail mounts, chassis mounts, heatsink mounts, and plug-in mounts.

One of the products they carry is from Omron. This relay is compact, single-phase with zero cross-function and  12 to 24Vc rated input voltage.

Sea Navigation and Automation

Address: Sim Lim Tower #03-06, Jalan Besar 10, Singapore

As the company name suggests, Sea Navigation and Automation specializes in marine equipment and spare parts. 

They also offer repair and installation services for the equipment mentioned above. They have a competent team of craftsmen, technicians, and professional engineers to ensure that they only deliver quality products and services.

They also stock on reconditioned products to meet the competitive demands of the offshore gas and oil industry. 

In terms of solid state relays, the company supplies CRYDOM products. Unfortunately, the website didn’t allocate a discussion page for these specific products alone.

And since there are no specifics on this and other solid state relays they carry,  it’s best to get in touch with them before your purchase.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd

Address: Mitsubishi Electric Building, Singapore

Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd operates in various countries across the globe. This world-renowned company has been in the business for over 150 years, having been founded in 1870.

As the years passed, they have also intensified their research and development efforts to provide customers with high-quality automation products. 

The company manufactures different solid state contactors for heater and motor loads in terms of solid state relays.

Though their relays are not discussed in terms of technical descriptions, they provided specific information, such as these relays being ideal for conveyor lines and loads with heaters.

For more information on these products, it’s best to get in touch with the company.

PCP Electric Pte Ltd

Address: Heng Loong Building, Singapore

PCP Electric Pte Ltd’s eCommerce platform was only established in 2018, but that doesn’t mean that they lack experience.

Even if the people behind the company have over 25 years of experience in the industry.

They dabble in providing industrial and energy automation solutions. With their products and services, they aim to ensure sustainability and efficiency. 

They carry different types of solid state relays. These are their panel mounting, single phase relay with 25 A rated current, SCR output and zero voltage switching solid state output type, and 3 to 32 V DC control circuit voltage.

Servo Connect Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd

Address: 25 Mandai Estate #06-10 Innovation Place, Singapore

Servo Connect Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd started operating as a value-added distributor of a wide array of automation products in August 2004.

Since then, they have been providing these solutions to different customers across the Asia Pacific region.

Their objective is to adopt the right equipment and people while also providing optimal solutions and professional services. 

They carry Carlo Galvazzi’s solid state relays with the following features — a single phase with a maximum of 125 amps switch currents and 4-20 mA or 0-10 V analog or digital inputs.

They also carry 3-phase solid state relays with a maximum of 75 amps switch currents and built-in heatsinks.

SGBotic Pte Ltd

Address: 11 Woodlands Close, #10-03 Singapore

SGBotic Pte Ltd started its operation in 2004 under the business name Singapore Robotic.

They are a supplier of various electronics and automation products to research labs, academic institutions, and clients in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

They work with different industry-leading suppliers to deliver products like RFID/NFC, LCD/LED, prototypes, sensors, relays, and more. 

The company carries relay modules, power controllers, and Arduino relay shields when it comes to solid state relays.

Their 10A solid state relay module is quite different from the other relays in their inventory. The same is compatible with 3.3 devices, Arduino 101, Intel Joule, mbed, BeagleBoard Black (BBB) Raspberry Pi, and 5V Arduino boards.

Wiselink Technology Pte Ltd

Address: 629 Aljunied Road, #07-04/05 Cititech, Singapore

Wiselink Technology Pte Ltd, also known as Solid State Optronics, was established in 1982 at the heart of Silicon Valley.

The people behind the company are passionate about creating innovative products through technology. Specifically, they aim to cater to the needs of the underserved and developing markets.

The company also expanded its operation to deliver products like optically isolated switching devices or optocouplers. 

 The company worked with various brands like Abbatron, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Concord Electronics, and more.

Their solid state relay inventory includes reed relays that are RoHS compliant, have higher dielectric strength, 200 watts contact rating, and come with hermetically sealed contacts.


These companies continue to establish themselves as authorities in the solid state relay arena. With their in-house research and development teams, these companies will continue to manufacture and distribute competitive products to the local and international markets.

With that said, sourcing your electronics and industrial automation needs from them is an excellent idea.