Product Overview

DZ47LE-63 series leakage protection circuit breakers are applicable to lines with AC50Hz(or 60Hz),rated voltage of 400V and single phase 230V,and rated current from 3A to 63A.

They have the protection functions of leakage,electric shock,overload,short circuit,etc.

They can also add overvoltage protection functions according to user requirements to ensure personal safety and prevent accidents caused by equipment leakage current,and can be used to protect lines from overload and short circuitUnder normal conditions,it is used for
infreauent breaking and switching of lines.

The residual current circuit breaker with rated residual action current of 30mA can cause electric shock to people.

This product meets the standards:GB16917GB10963EC60898

Technical parameters
Voltage(V)Rated current of shell frameNumber of poles Rated curreentRated short-circuit breaking capacity
Expected current of test circuitPower factor

Note:terminals with clamps are used for wiring,and the cable load surface can reach 25mm2or less
Warning users: the rated leakage action current below 30mA has the function of protecting personal safety

Structural features

DZ47LE-63 series earth leakage circuit breaker is assembled by DZ47LE-63high breaking miniature circuit breaker and earth leakage
release.The current operated electronic residual current circuit breaker of residual current circuit breaker system is mainly composed of zero
sequence current transformer,electronic component boardeakage tripping circuit breaker and circuit breaker with over oad and short
circuit protection

Outline and installation dimensions

Number of poles1N2N3N
1mm45+1.0 63+1.054+1.0 72+1.099+1.75117+1.75