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  • Short-circuit Protection, reverse polarity protection
  • Directly connect with PLC
  • Long service life

Magnetic Proximity Sensor

OMCH is a professional manufacturer of magnetic proximity sensors and has always been among the best in many domestic suppliers. Our magnetic proximity sensor has a variety of specifications to choose from, and magnetic objects within 10mm can be detected. We have a strong production capacity and a sufficient number of magnetic proximity sensors for sale, and we accept orders from most countries in the world.

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The magnetic proximity sensor is a line switching device that uses magnetic field signals for control, also known as a magnetron switch. Commonly used magnetic switches are available in single- and double-contact. It can transform the electromagnetic quantity into an electric signal through the change of the positional relationship between the sensor and the object, so as to achieve the purpose of control or measurement.

It can detect magnetic objects to generate signals. Since the magnetic field also passes through many non-magnetic materials, it is not necessary to bring the target object directly close to the magnetic proximity sensors, but to transmit the magnetic field to a long-distance through a magnetic conductor (such as iron), for example, The signal can be transmitted to the magnetic proximity sensors through the high-temperature place to generate the trigger action signal.

There are several kinds of magnets, such as rubber magnets, permanent magnet ferrite, sintered neodymium iron boron, etc., which are commonly used on the market. The switch is the reed switch.

When a magnetic substance is near the glass tube, under the action of the magnetic field magnetic line, the two reeds in the tube are magnetized and attracted to each other to contact, the reeds will be absorbed together degree, so that the node connected to the circuit connected. When the external magnetic force disappears, the two reeds are separated by their own elasticity and the line is broken.

The detector of the magnetic proximity sensor is a magnetic probe. When a magnetic probe works, it forms a static magnetic field around it. When an object made of ferromagnetic metal enters into this static magnetic field, a new magnetic field will be induced, which interferes with the original static magnetic field, due to the disturbance caused by the change of target motion, the magnetic field changes, causing the deflection and Oscillation of the magnetometer pointer to produce an electric signal.

The magnetic proximity sensors we produce are made of high-quality materials, stable and durable, sensitive to induction, use ABS waterproof shell, short-circuit protection, fast response, fast frequency response, strong anti-interference, suitable for machine tool equipment, textile industry, workshop assembly line, automobile Repair, and other industries.